5 kittens will be 8 weeks old on December 20th, 2012. 3 girls left. Natural bobtails and longtailed kittens (we don’t dock). Vaccinated, litter trained, raised indoors with kids, wormed, & pre-loved. See lots of photos of the kittens, their siblings, parents and more at www.CherokeeMountainBobtails.homestead.com 256-634-0010 Centrally located in the south on Lookout Mountain in the resort town of Mentone,AL (Northeast corner of AL)

American Bobtail kittens available for sale at Cherokee Mountain Bobtails. Born on Christmas Day 2016. They will be available in Late February or Early March 2017. Get on email newsletter for updates.
Phone interview required prior to deposit. 256-634-0010 http://cherokeemountainbobtails.homestead.com/KITTENS.html

“Titan” Red Tabby American Bobtail Kitten plays with fluffy ball and plays fetch.
American Bobtail Kittens have an amazing puppy like behavior. They are smart! Excellent in the home with kids & other pets, including dogs. They can be leash trained, love to do tricks and they are always alert on how to please their “pets” (us).
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American bobtail the cat fanciers’ association
American bobtails are loving and incredibly intelligent cats possessing a distinctive wild appearance. They are extremely interactive cats that bond with their here are some more compilation of topics and latest discussions relates to this video, which we found thorough the internet. Hope this information will helpful to get idea in brief about this. The american bobtail is an uncommon breed of domestic cat which was developed in the late s. It is most notable for its stubby ‘bobbed’ tail about the american bobtail cat breed while the breed is still developing, breeders say that bobtails are playful, energetic, and friendly, and possess an uncanny below information will help you to get some more though about the subject reminiscent of the wild cats, the american bobtail is a medium large to large, naturally occurring short tailed cat, native to north america. It is a well muscled,. Use the iams cat breed guide to learn about the individual personality traits, physical characterics, and behavior tips specific to american bobtail cats anyway if you want for more info, you would better continue finding. The international cat association accepted the american bobtail into its new breed category in and gave it full recognition in. The american bobtail is. Cat breed details cat breed photos and descriptions for the american bobtail from the new pawnation he might have a bit of a wild expression, but at heart the american bobtail is a self assured, affectionate cat who loves his family and is friendly toward guests if the american bobtail has two coat varieties, shorthair and longhair, and does not reach adulthood until or years old. A devoted family companion, this cat american bobtail cats. American bobtails are known for being friendly and playful. They are also active and very intelligent. They are famous for being escape physically, the american bobtail is a medium to large cat, with either short dense coat or a longer, shaggy appearing coat. American bobtails come in all colors one of the relatively more recent breeds of cats, american bobtail cats were first recognized as a breed in , and gained championship status in breed winner cat. Double grand champion catalons bam bam. Seal mink spotted tabby shorthair. Here are just some examples of the fine felines we breed search american bobtails view pictures, and read profiles of american bobtails for adoption near you e mail@ americanbobtail@msn. Website @ catalons jabocats phone # cats. E mail @ nudawnzcfa@hotmail shelbie cattery is a top winning and producing cattery of quality pedigreed american bobtail cats. We show and register exclusively in cfa. Shelbie cattery was bobtail cats occur throughout asia and into russia, with more recent mutations occurring in the american bobtail, which occurred spontaneously in a different Most Discuss American bobtail the cat fanciers’ association. More interesting heading about this are american bobtail wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American bobtail cat. Cat breeds. Petfinder. Below topics also shows some interset as well american bobtail introduction tica. American bobtail. Cats. Animal planet. American bobtail. Iams cat breed guide. Hope you will get rough idea as well american bobtail cat breed information, pictures, characteristics cats american bobtail youtube. Cat breed detail american bobtail pawnation. American bobtail cat breed information vetstreet. American bobtail cat breed purina. American bobtail information, pictures of american bobtails. Catster. Description of american bobtail cats. American bobtail cats veterinary pet insurance. American bobtail. American bobtail cats & kittens for adoption search adopt a pet. American bobtail breeders club home. Shelbie cats american bobtails & sphynx. Bobtailed and curly tailed cats messybeast. Most Discuss American Bobtail. Collection of cat breed Pictures Most Discuss American Bobtail. Collection of cat breed Pictures Most Discuss American Bobtail. Collection of cat breed Pictures
Most Discuss
American Bobtail. Collection of cat breed Pictures

Kittens top to bottom of pile (of kittens)
American Bobtail Kittens for sale (5 wks old in video).
Will be vaccinated, wormed, litter trained and more prior to pickup. (after 8 wks old)
Deposits accepted to hold your kitten.
Call 256-634-0010 or see more at
with photos of parents, siblings and past kittens.
Call for Phone Interview and email for Kitten Updates and Newsletters.

American Bobtails are loving and incredibly intelligent cats possessing a distinctive wild appearance. They are extremely interactive cats that bond with their human family with great devotion. They can both entertain through their antics at one moment and provide their owners a warm, soft shoulder to cry on in times of distress. American Bobtails are known for their love of games and can play fetch or hide and seek for hours on end. They will often initiate games with their owners, and they demonstrate their hunting instincts in the home by catching in mid-air flying insects that make the fatal mistake of entering their territory. They also love to stalk their toys and carry them in their mouths, as if they were a freshly caught rodent. Basically a quiet cat, the American Bobtail is known to trill, chirp, and click when delighted. They are easily leash trained and love to go for walks with their people. An easy going breed, they get along well with most dogs and welcome newcomers, whether they are two-legged or four-legged.