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  1. This is exactly the same problem I've had for 16 years with my Neme … her raggie coat is much more dense, oily and thicker than my Peachys raggie fur … his is a completely different coat from hers. The amount on the floor and furniture is unbelievable … even after almost an hour of gentle combing which I do with her due to her being an elderly cat … it still sticks like mad, and shedding is an everyday thing, but it still feels so soft and lovely, and she still looks so pretty and gorgeous. Don't believe the books out there that say Ragdolls only need a brushing once or twice a week !!!

  2. do they leave hairs all over your clothes when you pick them up? or on your blankets? or does it just seem to come off in clumps? really want to get a ragdoll!

  3. Tummy vulnerability: When Evil Kitty goes to the vet, she immediately rolls on her back, stretches out her cafe au lait tummy, and reaches for the vet tech's hands with her butter pecan paws, pleading with huge topaz eyes, all to oohs-and-ahs of what a sweet, adorable kitty she is. When the tech leaves, Evil Kitty rolls over, her eyes angry slits, her mouth an Elvis sneer. Fraud!!

    William and Izzy sit up straight, shaking and shedding, their eyes closed, silent, waiting for the firing squad.

  4. oh yes, all the time. do you know what's funny? the first ragdoll cat i ever knew – his name was Halston! Named after the perfume – so funny that you said that.

  5. Jen, have you ever sniffed your kitty? During a cuddle session, I stuck my nose in Ash's fur & was surprised that she smells so good! I'd have thought she'd gotten into my Halston!

  6. My marketing strategy for all this fluff: I'll call it faux alpaca fur, grown–grown!!–near the largest alpine lake in North America, caressed by pine and cedar. Maybe something about "softened by the winds of time," which sounds better than "removed from geriatric cat." Then I'll wait for the bucks to start rolling in.

  7. OMG, yes! I agree with the very first post on this video! Every time I vacuum I have enough kitty fluffy fur in the dust catcher thingy to make another fluffy kitty! I groom Pink Sugar about 4 times a week and GEESH — that's a lot of kitty fluff! I love to smush her discarded hair together into a big ball after grooming her. I swear if I had the talent and a loom I could be making blankets. lol 🙂 <3

  8. ha ha – that's awesome. i love when people ask me how much ragdolls shed – there's no way to quantify it…but you have!

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