De Turkse Angora is het oudste langhaar kattenras ter wereld. We’ve filmed these kittens at 3,5 and 8,5 weeks of age.
Turkse Angora – Turkish Angora – Angora – angora turc – Türkish Angora – angora turco – Ankara kedisi – Angora kato – Tyrkisk angora – Angora turecka – Angorakatten, turkisk angora – gato angorá

Turkse Angora info:
Broadcast format available at: – Music title Variations_on_a_Harp licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”

Azima’s Abra of Bizans, a Black Smoke Turkish Angora finds a little piece of plastic on the floor. Let the fun begin! Filmed at Azima Turkish Angoras, in PA. We were learning to identify the Azima cats. Sadly, Barb passed in 2008, and our many visits paid off in properly matching the cats and registrations – a very important priority for both Barbara and ourselves.