“Whoever once delivered to another the joy of the heart, he thereby improved the whole world; But who knows how to love and make people happy, he becomes an artist of life.” Ivan Ilyin.

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Director: Gabriele Salvatores
Production company: Cattleya srl
Writers: Nicolai Lilin (book), Stefano Rulli, Sandro Petraglia
Starring: Arnas Fedaravičius, Vilius Tumalavičius, John Malkovich, Eleanor Tomlinson
(IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1697064/)

Set in a small and tight-knit community of ‘honest criminals’ in a remote part of Russia this is a tale of an extreme boyhood – exotic, violent and completely unique. Told from the perspective of a boy gaining his ‘education’ as a member of the Mafia-like Urkas in Transnistria, we get a glimpse inside the strict codes of honor and the rituals of this bizarre community. Besides having a deep distrust of outsiders – especially the police – the community is split into ‘honest’ and ‘dishonest’ criminals and crime is all-pervasive. Even their youngest children are taught to understand violence and when it is appropriate to use it. By the age of six Nicolai Lilin is given his first ‘pike knife’ by his uncle. By the age of twelve he is convicted of attempted murder.

I do not own any copyright, the trailer can be also found on vimeo (WestEnd Films).

Practicing yoga in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Celsius (-42 Fahrenheit) is no stretch for Siberian girls Yulia and Ekaterina from Tynda in the Amur Region. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8y6h


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What’s causing Siberia’s mystery craters.
Siberian giant sinkholes- Russian expedition ventures to solve the mystery.
‘Hellmouth Crater’ is Opening Portal to 200,000-Year-Old World.
Mysterious Craters Blowing Out Of Russia Could Mean Trouble For The Whole Planet.
Scientists Find 7,000 Methane ‘Bubbles’ Trapped Underground in Siberia.
Siberian plot- 20 mini-craters near giant Yamal gas hole.

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Mysterious craters in Siberia
Giant Craters in Siberia
giant sinkholes in Siberia
Siberian giant sinkholes

My father and I go into the woods near camp Firlend for the day. Well he goes off hunting snowshoe hare with the dog, I set up a small day camp and try out a small Siberian log fire for the first time, and also make some cedar tea out of some Western Red-Cedar (Thuja Plicata). The day itself turned into heavy wind and snow, making it much harder then I had expected to record and build what I had planned. For the small Siberian log fire I made, I would say it is my favourite fire lay now. It worked exceptionally well even under the grossly wet conditions we were in, and gave out lots more heat then my average fire for a quarter of the effort like it’s been told to do.

As for the Western Red-Cedar (Thuja Plicata) tea. My source of information on this tree was directly from www.for.gov.bc.ca, and also other websites and videos on Youtube and alike. Always make sure you do you OWN research on the edibility of wild plants and trees, and never trust anything unless you’re 100% sure of it’s edibility and toxicity levels, and if you’re unsure, don’t eat it. Also always research dangerous lookalikes. I am not a source of information on any wild edibles/trees. Like I said, always do your own research. This is obviously implied, but I figured it should be written as a disclaimer.

Over all we had a cold, wet, and awesome day in the woods, even with the lack of snowshoe hare. Thanks for watching and sharing the video!

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Anneka meets a pack of 29 rescued Siberian Huskies, explains everything about the breed and takes them for a ride on a rig.

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A series of stunning archaeology discoveries on man’s origins have been made in a Siberian cave. The significance of the cave is immense, and the experts are convinced it has more secrets to give up on human origins. Most importantly, the cave is the only known instance to date of the Denisovans, a newly identified species of giant human being. They are a mysterious relative of the Neanderthals who are thought to have roamed the plains of Siberia and east Asia long before modern humans arrived on the continent.

They are now thought to have inhabited Eastern Eurasia from around 400,000 years down to around 40,000 years ago (and arguably much later stil). During their final years the Denisovans achieved an advanced level of human behaviour, including the creation of sophisticated symbolic or non-functional objects including an arm bracelet in bottle-green chloritolite with a bored hole that can only have been made using a high-speed drill; a bone needle with an eye for thread, suggesting the manufacture of tailored clothing.

You can get my new neo-shamanic album at iTunes https://goo.gl/TwuYV3 & Google Play https://goo.gl/3vD7LY
Performance from concert in Aldan (Republic of Sakha Yakutia, Russia). “Blessing of the Nature”.

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Алданскому району Республики Саха Якутия 85 лет. Запись для телевидения с концерта в городе Алдан. Композиция “Благословение Природы”.

CNN reports temperatures in parts of the Siberian region of Yakutia have dropped to minus 67 degrees Celsius.
That’s so cold that even people’s eyelashes are freezing!
In Yakutsk, the temperature dipped to minus 49 degrees Celsius–or minus 56 Fahrenheit.
But few places are colder than in Oymyakon, where it got down to minus 67 degrees Celsius–or minus 88.7 degrees Fahrenheit!

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DNA Special: Know about the Siberian village which recorded a thermometer-breaking temperature Of -62°C.Watch the video to know more about the news.

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