my kitten tango throught the first 3 and a bit months of his life…
hes an ocicat, and altho he has only been here a week and a bit he is alredy acting as tho he has lived here all his life… he is very friendly and intelligent… and next to my old cat faust whom was a siamese he is da best cat i have ever owned!!!!

Today the cat came home with a mouse.
She uses to come home with an new animal nearly every day.
Sometimes even twice a day.
As soon as there is something she considers worth hunting:
it will be hunted.
And usually eaten aswell.
The cat looks cute and so does the mouse.
In the beginning at least.

Zulu, one of our two Ocicats, learned how to bark at birds while we were babysitting Rocket, a very specialdog that belongs to our friends and neighbors, Mike and Jill. We call him “Rocket, the Holley Mountain Airpark Wonder Weeny.” It’s really funny to hear Zulu bark and even more entertaining because you can really egg her on and get her going. Just like her friend and idol, Rocket.

Ocicats resemble ocelots — big, wild cats — but are as playful and domestic as can be. A cross between a Siamese and an Abyssinian, this cat looks like it stepped right out of the wild! More information about species of Cats & Kitten’s Just logon to