10 minutes of the funniest moments of our first month together with the cutest Norwegian forest cat kitten who had found us in the middle of nowhere.

Nine is an amazing Norwegian Forest Cat, who is very playful and smart. He quickly won the hearts of everyone in the household, including his older brothers, Sky (8) and Junior (Grandpa) (14).

I am glad we decided to keep him, despite the many difficulties it caused us.

Nine knows how to fetch the ball, how to sit and all bunch of other neat things! He is, definitely, up to his breed expectations.

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Sam was my first kitty as an adult. I adopted in him 2000 when I was struggling with a diagnosis of a chronic illness, and he was about two years old at that time. I walked past his cage, he reached through the bars and grabbed my shirt and wouldn’t let go. He yowled and squawked until I had them take him out of the cage, and then he crawled into my arms.

He liked to go everywhere with me when he was young. I would hike him onto a hip, toddler style, while cooking, and he loved to go in the car, on leash walks, and he went everywhere I went. He even rode in the kids’ seat in the grocery cart (I had a towel for him)

He’s slowed down a bit, but he is still full of sass. Next time I’ll get a clip of “cat spinning” with him. He LOVES to be spun until he’s so dizzy he falls over.

Want to know what is in the Warrior Code of a Norwegian Forest Cat, the proud descendants of Viking Cats? You came to the right place!

The Miracle Stray Traveler, Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten Nine is very excited to share his inherited statues/rules with you!

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In this video the cutest Canadian Stray kitten Nine is sharing his inherited Cat Warrior Code knowledge. Among the statues is to hide well, choose the most distracting paths, and even a solution if it all failed!

Norwegian Forest Cats are well known for their incredible mouse hunting skills. You do not even have to worry about training your kitten to follow the rich ancestry! Any kitten of this breed is a very alert, always ready for the thrill of the hunt.
Watch this cutest kitten show his skills at hiding and attacking the prey!

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