Everyday “Natural Glam” Makeup & Hair Tutorial
Products Used Listed In Video!

Hair Details:
Virgin Brazilian Deep Wave 14″16″18″ and a 14″ lace frontal

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Hey guys! I’m reviewing Hair By Honey in the texture tight curly! Below are all the products I use on my extensions as well as my natural hair. Keep up with me on Instagram and snapchat as well!!

Hair By Honey Website – https://form.jotform.com/72765376484167

Ivys flip over method – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0qaBc2stpA&t=311s

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If you’re looking for affordable, quality virgin hair weave/extensions, watch this video! This company never lets me down.
(side note: this is not sponsored, I bought this hair with my own money)

To get a better look at this hair, check out some of my most recent Instagram posts (this video doesn’t really do the hair justice, it was a little on the frizzy side)

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Part One of Laced By Layy’s wig series! This is my first video guys, so bare with me!

Comment below with more videos you would like to see!

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I’m from Myanmar.I’m 100% Natural human hair supplier.


Size: 10 – 30 inches
Color: Natural Black
Weight: 100g /1bundle
Material: 100% Natural human hair
Theme: Burmese Hair

Address: Near the Pagoda of Mya Si Gone, Kan Gyi Quarter,Nat Mouk Township, Magway Region, Myanmar.
Whatsapp: +9509797290256