Happy 12 Days of Vlogmas!! New videos will be up from today until Christmas!!

In this vlog I head to Harajuku for checking out a Bengal Cat Cafe! The cats were all super cute! But I felt the cafe could be better managed.
We also went to an all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta/pancake restaurant and checked out some cool Harajuku accessories!

Stay tuned because the next video will be up tomorrow!

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For those Bengal and True Blood fans…Its a little of both worlds.
My two Bengals, Snow Bengal Lily, and Brown Rosetted Leonidas.

Song is “Bad Things” by Jace Everett.

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These are my main two cats having their first go. She wasn’t even in heat, but managed to get two kittens from a series of matings. Take the time to watch the second video, which is here:

Estes são dois dos meus bengals cruzando. Eu crio esta linda raça como hobby, para permitir que outras pessoas tenham a oportunidade de ter estes lindos mini-tigres em suas casas. Parte do valor da venda dos filhotes eu repasso em ração para instituições que castram gatos de rua.

Watch the ballet Luana dances after mating. It is beautiful 🙂
Veja o belo balé (dança do acasalamento) que Luana faz neste outro vídeo,

Veja também o melhor vídeo já feito de filhotes brincando, muito legal mesmo:
Don’t miss the best video of kittens playuing ever:

Also have a look on the beautiful kittens from this pair:

And check Luna, Luana’s daughter from a previous litter. She has some of a dog in her, she fetches and brings a little shrimp toy, as many times as you can take.

If you still want to see something amazing, see Luna playing with their cat-wheel

Thinking of buying a Bengal or do you already own one?

My handsome Bengal boy – Bengalmanor Warrior Shere Khan- is delighted to demonstrate some of the best… and worst… aspects of having a Bengal cat in your house.

From the crazies to the sooks, with a dash of brattiness, this is an amusing overview of life with a Bengal.

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